Biggest Shopify Stores

The ghetto Kroger. That’s what the locals call it. It sits in a dreary, little strip mall surrounded by other stores, mom-and-pop shops, and a few chain restaurants. There are no trees and flowers. The storefronts are mostly brown. Plain, drab brown.

It is entirely unappealing to drive through that parking lot. You don’t expect to walk into a renovated Kroger that is up-to-date with a full selection of items. No. You feel more like you’re about to walk into Aunt Gertie’s favorite corner market with pickled pig’s jowls and chicken feet in a jar.

On the other hand, driving into a stripmall with inviting storefronts, potted plants and trees throughout the walkways, and a clean parking area is much more appealing. You want to stay. You want to explore.

Shopify is like a really great stripmall, but online. It’s just as important to be attracted to the look of each online shop and the products available within its virtual walls.

Shopify is an online retailing service that provides a platform for big business and budding entrepreneurs alike to establish themselves in the world of e-commerce. Since about 2006, Shopify has grown into one of the largest online platforms and now more than ever strives to support brick and mortar businesses looking to make their way online.

successful shopify store


While Shopify is available for every business no matter the size, there are a few shops that rise above the crowd. In the ocean of stores trying their hand at online shop management, the stores that made their debut on the Shopify platform and have blown most other competitors out of the water are found in the spotlight most often.

Some of these stores are in the process of making millions or even billions of dollars in annual revenue through Shopify, and we just think that’s really cool. Shopify has no specialty other than retail stores in e-commerce, so the range that Shopify has is only limited by the partners it chooses to keep. They promote businesses from beauty to beer, vaping to holistic living, and more.

We’ve compiled a list, in no particular order, of the biggest shops available on the Shopify platform.
These shops range in size and notoriety, so there may be a few you recognize and a few you don’t. That’s totally fine, but we hope this list will inspire you to find your niche and work with what moves you.

Top 20 Picks for the Biggest Shopify Stores


The beauty industry is a huge international enterprise that specializes in marketing for the most part. This should come as no surprise to every makeup-wearing, hair-product-using woman. A lot of shops on this list are driven by well-known celebrities that have expanded their reach to the world of beauty and online retail. Shopify has helped to promote and fulfill the needs and products for these services, and it’s paid off for everyone involved.

Cosmetics is easily one of the most recognizable and easy to market niches in the online retail market. Generally speaking, cosmetics kind of market themselves which is the real driver behind its success. Between influencers doing reviews and showcasing particular looks using certain products and the products marketed through the company, Shopify tends to have an easy time offloading products through many of these companies.

Here are a handful of incredibly successful Shopify stores that cater to the beauty community.

Kylie Cosmetics

A woman who needs no introduction, Kylie Jenner is a byproduct of the Kardashian empire and has the marketing reach to prove it. Her influence can be seen on all social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and more.

Beginning back in 2015, Kylie Jenner set up her Shopify store to serve as a foundation for her cosmetic line. Kylie Cosmetics is most well known for her classic Kylie Lip Kit lipsticks, but also sells and makes highlighters, eyeshadow pallets, and more.

This line was heavily promoted on her social media and the social media of others, which led to her products being sold out within minutes of dropping upon initial launch. Since then, her store has been consistently one of the highest grossing stores utilizing the Shopify platform.

Soko Glam

Soko Glam is a Korean skin care line that got its start back in 2012 and has grown since then. Largely promoted through YouTube and other forms of social media, Soko Glam is one of the largest retailers Shopify helps to promote.

Founded by Charlotte Cho and promoted online by her, Soko Glam has a bunch of products geared toward skin care, blemish management, wrinkle prevention and more. In addition, Soko Glam is heavily associated with the YouTube channel with a similar name.

This has been a highly-regarded, quality product line with the likes of Erin Jahns, who tested a few of the products saying, “I’m never too picky when it comes to cleansers, but since I am acne-prone, I’m always looking for something that feels like it’s giving me a deep clean without being overly drying or stripping my skin’s moisture levels. This leaves my complexion feeling super refreshed, thoroughly cleansed, and with no lingering residue or dryness. I’m a fan, and I also loved how richly it lathered up—a little really does go a long way with this!”


Morphe is a makeup and brush company that specializes in collaborations with other companies and entrepreneurs. It is associated with many of today’s beauty influencers, especially on YouTube. Possibly the most recognizable feature of Morphe and its products are their brushes, which many influencers use for promotional purposes.

Morphe got its start online through Shopify and has skyrocketed in value from there. With the increase in online shopping in the last few years, Morphe is raking it in.

Pat McGrath

Pat McGrath is a cosmetic line owned and operated by Pat McGrath, who is an esteemed editorial and runway makeup artist. Marketed as a luxury brand, Pat McGrath has collaborated with a few influencers to promote her products.

Shopify has helped the McGrath brand to grow since its debut in early 2016.

KKW Beauty

Another Kardashian company, KKW Beauty is the ambition of Kim Kardashian herself, following the wildly popular show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Regardless if the show or the family is your cup of tea at all, it can’t be denied that the Kardashians sell.

KKW beauty made its debut in the beauty world in 2017 at the height of Kim’s popularity. Kim partnered with Shopify to help manage the online space and the rest is history.


Possibly one of the oldest brands on this list so far, LimeCrime first appeared on shelves in 2008. Though it’s had its share of controversy, LimeCrime has been able to withstand the test of time and now makes hundreds of thousands annually online. LimeCrime has products ranging anywhere from lipsticks to fragrances.

LimeCrime is mostly known for its bargain-priced merchandise and online culture, though maybe not the most positively recognizable. Unfortunately, LimeCrime has been subject to scrutiny due to its less than tactful marketing schemes, which have left many scratching their heads.

Regardless, LimeCrime is among the largest Shopify projects, earning it a place on this list—no matter which side of the argument individuals might fall.

MakeUp Geek

Makeup Geek is one of the original makeup brands of the early 2010s. Founded in 2008, Makeup Geek was on the forefront of the online retail boom. They quickly partnered with Shopify to manage and track online sales and streamline customer engagement.

Shopify helped Makeup Geek to better establish itself and its brand in the online retail space. The annual revenue alone solidifies Makeup Geek’s spot on this list, but Shopify’s influence in this one’s rise is definitely worthy of note.

Makeup Geek is mainly recognized for its eye products, like primers and shadows, but it also has dozens of products and lines of products to choose from. Makeup Geek can be found through the Shopify platform and also in major retailers across the globe, like Sephora and Ulta.


ColorPop is an LA-based company with a long history of online influence. Promoted largely by the likes of Jeffree Star, Jaclyn Hill, Nickie, and more, ColorPop is by far the most popular for their face highlights. What’s more, ColorPop offers a wide selection of makeup products, such as eyeshadow, foundation, mascara, and eyeliner.

Shopify gave ColorPop a leg up in the online retail market, and it now stands as a huge component of ColorPop’s success. This success has allowed them to gross millions year after year.

Entire lines of products have been reviewed through social media, making ColorPop among some of the heaviest and most commonly viewed companies on this list.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Yet another celebrity-driven business, Jeffree Star Cosmetics got its start online with YouTube. Jeffree was originally a big influence in the world of makeup and early 2010 music, but really made a name for himself with a cosmetic line.

Easily one of the highest-grossing shops on this list, the Shopify platform helped to boost the annual revenue for Jeffree Star Cosmetics to new heights.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics has had its share of controversy directly related to its namesake. Jeffree has admitted that he’s been difficult to work with in the past, but he has made strides to rectify this behavior. This has led to periodic dips in traffic that have always come back around.

Jeffree has tried his hand at making eye shadows, lipsticks, bronzers, highlight shades, and much much more and seems to be on the path of launching another collection soon.

Halo Beauty

Founded fairly recently in 2018, Halo Beauty is a YouTuber-owned company with an estimated value of over $1 million yearly. Shopify partnered with Halo Beauty and its founder Tati Westbrook to establish an online store and has grown in value ever since.

Halo Beauty has a wide selection of various products for consumers to try. From eye shadows to highlighters and more, the application process for some of these products have been described as amazing. Though these aren’t inexpensive lines, the products definitely seem to be worth the money.

When searching for reviews on Halo Beauty, results can vary. While a few outliers have reported a lack in results, an overwhelming majority report a positive experience. Megan Tan, a verified user, writes, “OMG!!!! Their hair, skin, nails booster is a holy grail for me. I used to have really thick hair but due to styling it has gotten thinner. After weeks of taking this, my hair became thicker and grew a few inches longer. My skin also looked healthy and plump. If you are a woman and you want to glow, this is the supplement for you.”


Fashion is and always will be a staple in online shopping. With so many different style options to choose from, Shopify has got you covered with options for days. A few of the biggest stores of note are bargain-priced retailers, which drive engagement and sales more than you’d think.

fashion store


Regardless of the type of apparel sold, high-quality and inexpensive clothing products are always going to be a good move for online retailers. Clothing is something that is typically purchased according to the season and according to the trend. Companies that ensure they stay on top of upcoming trends in casual and runway fashions can help themselves build a reputation in online retail.

Here, we have a few examples of online giants in the online market for fashion.

Fashion Nova

Established back in 2006, Fashion Nova is the quintessential OG in the world of online shopping. They offer everything from women’s apparel to swimsuits, to shoes, and more. Fashion Nova has been mostly promoted online, with various influencers posting hauls of their products for promotional purposes.

Shopify backs Fashion Nova online so that customer fulfillment can be streamlined. It’s easily one of the largest shops to come from Shopify, with no signs of stagnation.

Fashion Nova proves itself to be an online giant with a penchant for trendy threads. They are primarily a US-based, fast-fashion company. The company operates through Shopify but also has five physical locations.

Like we’ve said, the biggest driver for Fashion Nova is influencer engagement. The company is known to use Instagram to gain earned media for its clothing by interacting with users and generating publicity through a mix of models, celebrities, and other customers.


Founded in 2014, Cettire is marketed as a luxury fashion brand that promotes and sells products from different designers. Though Cettire is based out of Australia, Shopify promotes its website and allows them to sell internationally.

A big driver of engagement for Cettire is their minimalist approach to advertising and web design. The online interface is largely monochromatic and offers just a few options for movement. Product wise, Cettire offers items from over 180 designers which include luxury and brand name products.


Mostly geared towards activewear and workout apparel, GymShark is a growing online boutique with Shopify as a backer. Established in 2012, GymShark provides a unique and stylized product line annually and drives sales through Shopify.

Heavily marketed online and through the power of social media, GymShark has grown its value steadily over the last few years and has really made a name for themselves in the world of online fashion.

Because of its early start online, Gymshark was one of the first brands to make effective and pervasive use of influencer marketing by partnering with social media influencers that met their niche, including a couple of YouTube bodybuilders.

Strictly an online retailer, GymShark has not yet established any brick-and-mortar spaces, but did open its first pop-up shop in London in 2020.

Alo Yoga

Another activewear-centric retailer, Alo Yoga is an online seller with a focus on high-end fashion. Shopify partnered with Alo Yoga a while back to boost its platform notoriety and now handles customer payment and order fulfillment for the brand.

Marketed as a mindful choice for yoga clothing meant to inspire yogis and newbies to the craft, Alo Yoga prides itself on its ethically-sourced products which promote healthy living.


A brand that can be found anywhere from Amazon to Nordstrom’s, Zanerobe is an online retailer that specializes in streetwear and day-to-day casual clothing. Worth over several million dollars at this point, Zanerobe is strategically promoted online and through social media.

The commonly-known story behind Zanerobe as a company is that it originally started between friends as a bet. Driven to “right some wrongs” in Australia’s street fashion, Zanerobe aimed to rebrand street clothes for the common consumer. Modern fashion has been greatly influenced by Zanerobe’s contributions from the early 2010s through today.


The availability and development of electronics and gadgets have boomed in recent years, in no small part due to the increase in options across the board. With so many niche products to choose from, Shopify makes it so that all can be found on a single platform.

Gadgets and other would-be additions to day-to-day life have seen incredible leaps in the last few decades which have left insane waves of options for any kind of problem you can think of. Got a gap between your stove and your cabinet that’s mildly annoying? Got it. Want your toilet to have a light? Got that, too. Need a different kind of headphone to specifically be able to perform online? You bet.

With so many first world problems to solve, the rate of random, and sometimes kind of off-the-wall, gadgets and electronics has soared in recent years. Here, we’ve come up with a few examples of retail giants that have made a splash in the ocean of options.

Quad Lock

Quad Lock is a Shopify store developed in Australia in late 2011. The most pervasive and well-known gadget they offer allows you to securely and conveniently connect your smartphone to your bike, car, or arm with the many mounting options they have available.

Since its release, the Quad Lock bike mount has been adapted to suit a range of different applications, including a wall mount, belt clip, and a tripod adapter. The products developed and promoted by QuadLock and Shopify as its partner have made waves in the online retail market with no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Now one might look at a bike accessory and wonder why it’s even necessary. Why would a company so specific to bicycle accessories be such a big and popular online retailer today? The answer is simple: safety and convenience. Those are two of the most fabulous reasons for every busy mother on the planet.

The founders of QuadLock have mixed emotions over a review they received a little while back in an interview where they say, “One unfortunate customer sent us photos of his bike with buckled wheels and bent handle bars along with x-rays of his broken bones which was the result of being hit by a truck. He emailed us to say how thankful he was to find his phone unharmed and still safely mounted to his stem so he could call for help. If he had stored his phone in his jersey pocket it would have been destroyed or worse still, it could have made his injuries worse.” -Chris Peters.

Though it seems small, it’s sometimes the little things that make all the difference.

Zero Gravity

This lesser known Shopify store makes it on our list because of their trendy tech accessories. Based in Los Angeles, they design all of their iPhone cases themselves without the use of outsourcing or outside manufacturing. They sport very intricate and vibrant designs that are embroidered on iPhone cases for all models and size preferences. They also offer a wide array of products and designs to choose from.

If you were to google the words Zero Gravity, chances are some pretty cool stuff about astronauts might come up. Keep digging just a little and you’ll find an easy-to-use website that caters to your specific needs with just a few filter effects.

Zero Gravity offers a streamlined and easy-to-order system that makes the whole process a breeze.


Convenience is of the utmost importance when it comes to online shopping, and eating or drinking is no exception. If a properly marketed product shows up online ready to buy and easy to order, it’s likely that it’ll be a successful product to sell online. Shopify knows this, and strives to promote the best products to the most people.

Buying food online can be a luck-of-the-draw kind of thing. With products being handled through the postal service, the delivery driver, the packager, and everything else, things can get squished or messed up. It’s important when buying food or drinks online to maintain a level of understanding and give a little room for presentation, but quality should still be a big driver for customer response.

Here are a few examples of consumable shops in this list.


Online popcorn retailer PipCorn offers a healthy alternative to a favorite and traditional snack. The blend that PipCorn offers is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, whole grain, and very proud of it. Shopify partnered with PipCorn back when it was founded to promote growth and revenue increases annually, and has seen incredible upward movement and success on that front.

Pipcorn is a take on the mini version of popcorn, according to their website. Each kernel is half the size of a standard popcorn kernel, and it’s made from a special variety of corn. Originally featured on Shark Tank, PipCorn was granted over $200,000 in start-up capital to get it going, and it’s been crushing it ever since. They have now expanded into cheeseballs and other products to boost revenue.

Skinny Teatox

Skinny Teatox is a weight loss detox blend of tea that promotes a natural and effective means to lose weight by drinking tea. What tea-lover wouldn’t want to drink their way to a slimmer self?!

The website managed by Shopify is an upfront and easy-to-use interface with all of the information listed upfront. While this company specializes in detox teas, they have other products as well, making it an ideal retailer for online consumers.

Maybe a little bit of a controversial product, detox teas have been linked to the fad dieting cultures on social media and the societal pressures of losing weight. Though the marketing on these can be a little rough around the edges, the products themselves are as harmless as your own intention. Made from natural sources with health in mind, these products can be a great short-term diet supplement.

Harris Farm Markets

Strictly a family-owned store, Harris Farm Markets presents itself as a casual and playful interface with practical applications and options.Shopify handles the website management and customer engagement for this site, and leaves the heavy lifting to the Harris Farm Markets.

These guys offer a unique, farmers market type of experience from the safety and comfort of your own home. They have options to review and purchase items that are in-season and the items that are best at the time.

Harris Farm Markets stands as an Australian grocer with 24 locations across New South Wales and Queensland, though most stores are found in the Sydney metropolitan area. The Harris Farm markets prioritize fruits and veggies, cheeses, breads, and sometimes an assortment of gourmet grocery items. In a few of the stores, customers have access to a fully-stocked and functional butchery.

Harris Farm also boasts a functional delivery service, online check out, and in-person pick up as well. Convenience is important for Harris Farm, and they’re making strides each quarter to meet the needs of their patrons.


The possibility for large scale companies to convert to online shopping fulfillment has never been greater, but setting themselves apart from the crowd can prove to be difficult. With the right team behind them, great strides can be made to boost revenue, customer engagement, sales, and more.

Though we’ve only given you a short list of the amazing retail options that employ the Shopify platform, it’s easy to see the degree of impact a service and management company like Shopify can make for an e-commerce business.