I know firsthand how restricting it feels to not afford a life of freedom.

Hi, I’m Matthew Lepre.

The internet has completely changed my life.

I grew up as an average guy in an average suburb, with a single mum, working 3 jobs to try and earn $1,000/wk.

Today, I run two multiple-6-figure businesses and I now have the flexibility to build the lifestyle I love – spending more time with my family, taking a few extra vacations per year, and even just having enough money in the bank to know that I’ll be fine in case of a ‘rainy day’.

If you’re reading this, you know you’re destined for more than just a 9-5 job for the rest of your life and you probably feel like you’re not being paid what you’re worth.

Society tells us that the path to financial freedom is through expensive University degrees.

Yes, this used to be the case, but now it’s possible to build a life you love from the comfort of your home.

I believe that setting up an e-commerce store and selling products online is the simplest route to financial freedom.

It does take some basic work to start up, but with the right approach, success can be easily achieved.

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