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We love seeing students working through the program and reaping the benefits of their Shopify stores.

That’s why we’ve created the 5 & 6 Figure Club to help you scale your stores to the next level!

Generating 5-6 Figures is a major achievement! Most people don’t even start or give up after failing the first time. You should be proud of how much you have generated. Due to your amazing results, we’d like to reward you.

5 Figure Club members will receive an award and 6 Figure Club members receive a custom engraved crystal trophy. Additionally, you may also be considered for any future openings to join our team and you also will receive exclusive scaling calls where our coaches help you push from 5 to 6 figs and beyond.

To qualify, simply fill in the form below and submit your results. We’ll verify the results and we’ll be in contact to get your reward sent out.

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