What Is A Dropshipping Course And Do You Need It? – Matthew Lepre 

Why you need a dropshipping course

We are all constantly looking for new ways to profit. Rather than working the 9 to 5 clock, many people aspire to be their own bosses; run their own profitable business. 


Whether it’s a humble store or a multinational corporation, every entrepreneur had to start somewhere. They had to observe others, watch every video available for startup businesses on YouTube, and basically just learn everything from scratch. 


Those who didn’t have the working capital to fund a new enterprise had to be creative with their resources. Some appealed to angel investors, others tried crowdfunding, and then, there are those who took up dropshipping courses instead.


Today, we are going to introduce you to that last method. We are going to tell you why it’s a viable option for startups with nothing to their name – or at least not yet.


Dropshipping is one of the many businesses you can start building in the e-commerce industry. The best part is that you don’t even have to be an expert online entrepreneur to start dropshipping products. 


These don’t even have to be products you personally manufacture. All you need, technically, is an eCommerce site with great traffic.


As a dropshipper, you can earn through the sales of another business’s products.


Now, this may be a lot to take in all at once, so let me break it down for you:

What Is A Dropshipping Course?

If you are quite new to the world of dropshipping, you might be scrambling as to where to begin. It could be that you are not “techy” to begin with but you can see the promising business opportunities that lie in e-commerce. Taking up an informative course will not just serve as your introduction to dropshipping but e-commerce as well. 


Anyway, what you need to understand is that there really isn’t much of a difference when you engage in commerce online or offline. It just so happens that you’re using a different medium to do business with your target market.  


When you do business in the real world, you rely on your ability to sell, the efficiency of your marketing, and the appeal of your product. The same thing goes with online businesses – only this time, it’s possible to start without an actual product. 


All you need to know is how to sell and how to market. Welcome to the world of dropshipping.


If you’re terribly new to running an e-commerce business, taking up training courses online can really help you get a head start. Dropshipping courses are especially abundant. There are many industry experts, most of them are founders of successful ecom businesses themselves. They share their journeys and experiences, as well as foolproof techniques that led them to their current success. 


Consider Ecom Warrior Academy by Matthew Lepre for instance. It takes all the hard lessons learned from building a brand, digested into easy-to-follow steps, and compiled to create a master course for startups and beginners. 


Taking a single course can make all the difference. You can save a lot of time, money, and effort when you invest a little in pre-training. 

Do You Need A Dropshipping Course?

By taking a course on dropshipping, you can skip all the hard parts, the trial and errors, and failed attempts. You can learn from the best people and apply proven business strategies on your new dropshipping site without risking too much. 


If you want to add your own personal touch, you can do so by tweaking and refining your mentor’s techniques and practices.


Then again, you can’t just take up any “run off the mill” course. If you want to attain online success – and fast – you also have to learn from the best. 


Before you go exploring your options for courses online or wrack your brain thinking whether to start your dropshipping store with Shopify or WooCommerce, you first need to be 100% sure that venturing into dropshipping is something you want to do this 2020.

The Benefits of Taking A Dropshipping Course

The benefits of a dropshipping course

Here are several benefits plus opportunities why taking a dropshipping course this 2020 is one of the wisest decisions you will ever make:

Work From Home

We are just halfway through the year and the first two quarters felt like a lifetime already. As you may have already heard in the news, or experienced in your own neighbourhood, the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spread like wildfire globally. It left billions of people with no other choice but to abandon society and retreat into the safety of their homes.


The extremely contagious and highly fatal virus has crippled many countries’ economies and driven many small businesses to bankruptcy in just a few months due to extended lockdown periods in various communities. 


Guess which businesses managed to survive and even take advantage of the current world situation? Online.


That’s right. Online businesses managed to find the silver lining in this, otherwise, terrible situation and used it to thrive and grow the influence of the e-commerce industry even further. 


Considering that working from home is becoming the new normal, it is ideal that we are as time-efficient as possible. Delving right into dropshipping without the correct guidance can exhaust many months of hard work. This is where dropshipping courses come in handy – you are able to have your own store up and running within a week, without the common mistakes beginners usually make. 


Clearly, if there is such a thing as a perfect time to start an online dropshipping business, this would be it. Taking a course before plunging right into the real thing can help you prepare for what’s to come.

Know Where To Start

One of the biggest questions first-time online entrepreneurs ask is “What platform should I sell with?” And, it’s one of the hardest questions to deal with indeed.


There are many e-commerce platforms that can host your online business. So if you’re wondering whether starting a dropshipping business would make you have to build your own website from scratch, the answer is NO – or at least, not necessarily. 


While there are online companies that opt for the build-a-website option, many dropshippers would rather partner with an established e-commerce platform. Some examples of which are Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Volusion, Wix and more. 


Since the concept behind a dropshipping business is to engage in profitable trade without spending too much on the onset, working with e-commerce websites and paying a minimal fee to use their services does seem like a more practical option compared to building a new website from the ground up. 


It will certainly help you save time and energy, and also gives you the advantage of launching your business ASAP. 


With that said, the question that remains is “Which is the best platform to partner with?” Dropshipping courses can help you decide on which platform would work best with the dropshipping business you have in mind. 


On that note, when choosing a course, you should also consider the business background of the course creator. What industries is he or she most experienced in? Make sure that the business you’re planning to put up is aligned with his or her expertise. 


This way, you can get a more solid opinion about the next steps that you should take for your dropshipping business. 

Learn More About Building Your Sales Funnel & Driving More Traffic To Your Website 

If you’re not just new to dropshipping but also selling in general, taking a comprehensive course becomes more of a requirement rather than a bonus. 


While it’s true that dropshipping, compared to other online business, is much cheaper to start (in fact, you can start without any money at all), the time and energy you put into building the business are still precious resources you cannot just take back. Thus, if you’ve decided that you want to do this, you might as well learn how to do it right.


Courses don’t just introduce you to the industry; it also teaches you how to move in it. Marketing products online can be a bit more challenging than orthodox methods but it is also far more rewarding. 


For one, you can reach more audiences through the different platforms made available to you online. You have social media, email, and other ways to source new clients or customers. However, in order to utilize all these resources well, you need to learn how to market effectively.


Taking a dropshipping course can also help you learn intricate methods of marketing – like building a highly effective sales funnel and driving more organic traffic to your dropshipping site. 


There are many courses you can choose from online, from the shortest to the most comprehensive ones. If you want to make the most of the fee you pay for a course, you should choose one with the most value.

Grow Your Professional Network

One other major advantage of attending a dropshipping course is that some providers also manage an exclusive professional community where course-takers can take part in. Ecom Warrior by Matthew Lepre, for example, runs an exclusive community for all its student-professionals where they can interact and get to know other members. 


At first glance, this may look like an innocent gathering of curious professionals who are merely learning from each other. However, these communities also double as professional work networks wherein members not only exchange information, they also establish rapport with their co-entrepreneurs who exist in the same bubble as them. 


As a startup, building professional relationships with more rooted online entrepreneurs is a healthy practice. It helps you deepen your professional networks, widen your circle in the industry. 


Should opportunities to collaborate in new ventures arise in the future, you’d be first to know since you are part of the group. 


Course providers often connect rising entrepreneurs with industry experts and colleagues so signing up for training may not just help you grow your knowledge but your connections as well. 

Explore More Ways To Sell To Your Target Audience

As I’ve mentioned earlier, there is more than just one way to sell online. There are many resources made available to you so that you can reach more people in the least amount of time. 


The only real question is how you can do everything in the best way possible.


Dropshipping courses won’t simply teach you how to create an online store. More importantly, it’s there to teach you how to sell products – since that is basically your purpose as a dropshipper.


Dropshipping products mean you don’t carry your own. You help other companies and businesses sell what they produce or manufacture. You essentially become a middle-man, facilitating the deal between seller and buyer. 


In turn, you profit from the sales without investing capital yourself. Dropshipping is a conservative way to do business online and that’s one of the main reasons why many people are taking a liking to it. Fewer risks, no hassle, and high returns. 


Rather than investing in products, what you should prioritise more is honing your ability to sell and market online. The outcomes of your training will define how well you’re going to be earning as a dropshipper. 


Given that, you might want to consider taking digital marketing courses after you’re done with the dropshipping one so that you can develop your sales skills even further!

Discover More Ways To Grow Your Wealth Full-time Online

The world is heading in a forward direction. With online shopping and door-to-door delivery becoming the “new normal,” we can only expect the world to slowly shift to a digital approach. In a few years’ time, some studies suggest that we’ll be seeing more online stores than real-world ones.


This is why it is also important for you to start thinking ahead as early as now.


Taking a dropshipping a course is your first step towards the myriad of possibilities you have yet to discover online. For all you know, becoming a dropshipper is just one of the many roles you’re going to take on digitally from now on.


Right now, you might be considering a dropshipping business as a side job or an extra means of income. However, as you go along, you’d realize that online businesses are highly sustainable. This is even evidenced by what is happening in the world today. 


Thousands of stores are closed down because people are too reluctant to go outside. But online businesses? They’re thriving. Even if things begin to normalise again, more people would’ve already realised the convenience of shopping online and may prefer to do so even after the pandemic.


If you are wondering whether it’s practical to think that you can grow your wealth online, the answer is YES. You read about it all the time; how people start with nothing and end up with a 6-figure income business online. 


This can happen to you too and taking courses can help you explore those profitable opportunities even better.

The Verdict

Taking a dropshipping course has a lot of advantages that go beyond just “knowledge building.” It can help you find ways to develop your skills as an online entrepreneur, grow your network, and even introduce you to more profitable opportunities you can consider delving into in the future.


In choosing a course, however, it’s important that you look at the value the course can give you more than its price. There are a lot of affordable courses that can really help you grow as an entrepreneur and marketer, but there are also those that make you just waste money so best be careful when signing up to an unfamiliar program.


Investing in yourself is never a waste. Take this time to consider taking a dropshipping course and starting a profitable online business. It might just change your life.