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ATTENTION: This is NOT ecommerce.
This is a different business model selling digital products and services.

👇Student Results👇

$7,500 in one week and counting

$20,000 in under a month

First $3,000 client secured

“Made $42,000 In 14 Days”

Meet Cable…

A 19-year old student who started this program wanting to pursue an online business. She launched her coaching business and within 21 days of starting, closed 14 deals into her $3,000 coaching offer.

$1,500 plus $4,500 on the way (in one week)

Two clients and $11,000 after launching

Beginner landed a $1,000 deposit

“$7,500 In 90 Minutes”

Meet Riley…

Riley came to the program wanting to pursue a career in the online world. After launching his coaching offer, he closed 2 deals and profited $7,500 within 90 minutes of launching. He now has a full-time virtual assistant booking calls for him..

No previous experience and landing clients

Hands on coaching until you succeed

$700 plus $2,300 on it’s way

“$6,000 In First Week Of launching”

Meet Jack…

Jack came to DCA wanting to try a different business to traditional ecommerce and fell in love with coaching.

Within the first week, he landed TWO $3,000 clients.

He’s now getting clients weekly and starting to hire.

Secured a client that paid $5,000 up-front

$6,000 in a week with 3 more booked calls

Just launched and made $3,500

“$0 – $21,000 in one day. PROFIT.”

Meet Phillip…

Phillip started with us a few months ago. He was able to launch his consulting business within 30 days. In his second week, he made $15,000. One week later, he made $21,000 in one day.

First 2 clients landed in under a week

Paid in full clients and testimonials

Secured a client on day one of launching